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Dedicated to a cancer free future

About Adecto

Adecto Pharmaceuticals is a pre-clinical stage, cancer therapeutics company, developing the first targeted therapy against aggressive ADAM8-positive cancers and a companion diagnostic to identify patients who can benefit from it. It is the culmination of over 30 years of research hunting down molecules that can be safely targeted to stop both primary cancer growth and metastases.        

Our mission is to help patients live longer, healthy lives

The ADAM8 protein is expressed on the cancer cell surface, downstream of the NF-κB family of transcription factors known to promote tumor growth, resistance to chemotherapy and metastasis. Consistently, ADAM8 is a critical driver of the growth and spread of many aggressive tumors, including those of the breast, stomach, colon, lungs, liver and pancreas, and is associated with poor patient survival. Currently, there is no approved therapy for patients with ADAM8-positive tumors or a diagnostic to identify them. Adecto’s initial focus is on breast cancer with a plan to expand to other oncology indications in the future. We estimate that globally over 2 million patients have an ADAM8-positive cancer and could benefit from our products.  

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