Management Team

Dr. Sonenshein founded Adecto Pharmaceuticals in 2014 along with Drs. Nora Mineva and Mathilde Romagnoli, and has served as President since. She is an internationally recognized expert on oncogenes that promote aggressive tumor phenotype and chemotherapy resistance. Her laboratory groups at Boston University and Tufts University Schools of Medicine have made ground breaking discoveries on the roles of the c-MYC oncogene and the NF-kB transcription factor in transformation, control of cell cycle, differentiation and cell survival. This work led to the identification and validation of numerous targets for personalized cancer therapy, including ADAM8. At Boston University, she founded and directed the Women's Health Interdisciplinary Research Center. She also served on the Board of Scientific Counselors at NIAID. Dr. Sonenshein holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Gail E. Sonenshein, Ph.D.

Founder and President

Dr. Mineva is a co-founder and the Chief Scientific Officer of Adecto Pharmaceuticals. She is a scientist with extensive expertise in the pathology and biology of cancer, including animal testing. Dr. Mineva had a leadership role in the research that led to the discovery and pre-clinical validation of our antibody-based approach to target the growth and spread of triple-negative breast cancers and currently leads our therapeutic development efforts. She holds a Ph.D. in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine from Boston University School of Medicine.

Nora D. Mineva, Ph.D

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer